The Winston-Salem Science Bridge

Bridging the community through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics activities.

NC Science Festival Attendees and Mixxer Makerspace
The Winston-Salem Science Bridge
The Winston-Salem Science Bridge

Saturday April 17, 2021. The Winston-Salem Science Bridge was a free, outdoor, knowledge-based fair with booths set up on either side of the Long Branch Trail walking bridge located in downtown Winston-Salem’s Innovation Quarter. This strategic location symbolizes a bridging of ideas, resources, and opportunities between Winston-Salem’s many science-related entities and the city’s community. A portion of the bridge was lined with stands and booths offering a variety of specialties where STEM-oriented researchers, educators, and those who may not traditionally be considered part of the STEM community, were present to interact with and display Science in new and innovative ways. STEM booths, as well as art activities related to STEM were located along the trail, each featuring some of the unexpected and surprising ways that Science is present in our daily lives!

Festival attendees with Mixxer Makerspace.
Festival attendees with The Brain Awareness Council.
Festival attendees with Piedmont Environmental Alliance.

This year’s booths were hosted by:

The Wake Forest Brain Awareness Council 

The Science Of


Mounts Robotics Center

Girls on Fire

Salem Academy

Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Forsyth Amateur Radio Club

MIXXER Makerspace

Lukesh Chemistry Lab!

Festival attendees with Israel Suarez from The Lukesh Lab.
Festival attendees with The Science Of.
Festival attendees with The Brain Awareness Council.

The Science Bridge began at the 3rd street entrance to the Long Branch Trail where community members were greeted. As guests walked through the fair, they were invited to partake in a series of activities, lessons, and crafts led by each STEM partner including a demonstration on helmet safety and activities such as: generating electricity on a bike, creating art using Sphero robots, learning about chemistry with color-changing reactions demonstrating how the body uses Vitamin C to neutralize free radicals, and sending messages via radio waves! Winston-Salem is saturated with STEM research, education, and innovation. By incorporating multiple community groups that exist at the intersection of Science and The Arts, The Science Bridge event created a uniquely comprehensive STEM fair that caters to all interests!

Festival attendees with Forsyth Amateur Radio Club.
Festival attendees with Kaleideum.
Festival attendees with Girls on Fire, Mounts Robotics, and Salem Academy.
The Winston-Salem Science Bridge Flyer