Getting to Wake Downtown and Current Shuttle Schedule

During the academic year, students are able to travel between Reynolda Campus and Wake Downtown using the University’s Shuttle system. Wake Downtown Shuttles run Monday through Friday from 7:25 a.m. to 8:55 p.m., and leave the Shuttle Hub every 15 minutes on the following schedule: xx:10, xx:25, xx:40, xx:55.  Download the Transloc app for your phone so that you can be up-to-date with shuttle schedules and routes. Additional information can be found here.

The average travel time is 15 minutes. Students should set aside 30 minutes between the end of one class and the beginning of another when traveling between the two locations. After-hours shuttles will be available on demand as well.

Parking Policy for students at Wake Downtown

Academic Year:

  • On-site parking may be granted to select undergraduate students. Seniors in off-campus housing who have purchased commuter permits, and those living in Deacon Station and Deacon Place who have purchased on-campus parking, who also have two or more courses meeting in person at Wake Downtown, will qualify. If you meet this criteria you may apply for parking in lot P8. The application form can be found here. Students with other needs can contact for more information 
  • Students living on campus, and those who do not qualify for the parking mentioned above, are welcome to park in one of the parking decks located nearby, Church Street Parking,  Patterson Ave. Parking  You simply pay each time you park. Hourly rates are free the first hour, $2/hr after that.


  • Undergraduate students living off-campus are eligible to apply for parking at Wake Downtown. Please use this form to request permission to park at Wake Downtown during Summer 2022.
  • After you submit this form you will be given details on how to purchase your parking permit and where to park. If you do not have a current permit you will need to purchase one, Summer Wake Downtown Research Student Permits are $10 a month, and Summer Student Permits are $100 for the summer. More info can be found here:

When at Wake Downtown, all students are required to visibly display their Deacon OneCard in badge holders (available at the Security Desk in the lobby.)

Service & Support Animal Policy 

  • Pets, including emotional support animals, are not permitted on the premises of Wake Downtown.  However, Wake Downtown follows the University’s policy on service animals. Therefore, if it is determined, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, that having such an animal is a reasonable accommodation, service animals may be permitted in classrooms, conference rooms, and other lecture spaces.  Due to safety concerns, service animals cannot be accommodated in any of the lab facilities at Wake Downtown.
    Those seeking to bring a service animal to Wake Downtown are encouraged to read the University’s Service Animal Agreement.

Study Spaces @ Wake Downtown

Numerous student gathering and study spaces, all with lots of natural light during the day, are located throughout Wake Downtown:

Deacon Den (0904): a gathering area with variety of seating options, collaboration stations, digital screens, printing, kitchen, vending, charging stations, and access to the Lower Courtyard.

Main Lobby: a bright, spacious lobby with soft seating.

1st Floor Student Gathering (1802): a smaller gathering area with raised individual workspaces, bistro table, whiteboard, kitchen, and a view of downtown Winston-Salem.

2nd Floor Atrium (2502): a multipurpose gathering area with booth-style seating, dry erase tabletops, large couch (seats 12), raised individual workspaces overlooking the main lobby, and charging stations.

4th Floor Student Gathering (4804): a gathering area with raised individual workspaces, bistro tables, kitchen, and a view of downtown Winston-Salem.


Printing resources for students are available in the Student Commons (0904) of Wake Downtown and ​​​​at the resource center on the 3rd floor of the School of Medicine​. The process is the same as one students follow in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, where you swipe your WFU ID and select a job from the touch screen mounted by the printer.​ ​Students can also scan to email using their full email address.

Bowman Gray Center for Medical  Education

Wake Downtown and the BGCME share Building 60, and are open to each other on every floor.  The School of Medicine is located in the north end, and Wake Downtown is located in the south end of Building 60 (see map for reference.) Undergraduates at Wake Forest University are able to use common spaces at the School of Medicine.  

Be advised, many study spaces at the School of Medicine are restricted by card access, and can only be used by specific graduate populations housed in the School of Medicine. Undergraduate students are prohibited from attempting to enter badge-access restricted rooms at BGCME. Students who attempt to do so may face disciplinary action.  

Wake Forest University undergraduate students are encouraged to reserve rooms in and use the study spaces of Wake Downtown, by using deacon space.  During exam periods, all Wake Downtown first-floor classrooms are unlocked and available 24-hours a day for student use, and therefore are not reservable for this time period.  Undergraduates are not permitted to use BGCME classrooms or study spaces during exams.

Food Options

Food Dollars can be used with certain vendors within the Innovation Quarter, including Medical Grounds in the BGCME.  Vending options, including snacks, drinks and coffee, are available on the lower level of Wake Downtown in the Student Commons (room 0904). Additionally, grab and go options are available in the Student Commons on weekdays from 11am – 2pm for a Pit Swipe.

There are numerous local options within walking distance, such as food trucks at Bailey Park (schedule available here) and Krankies Coffee.